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  1. […] a previous post I talked about the need to properly shape the peach tree by careful choice of which branches we will keep. Part of this process is to make sure you cut off any branches on your brand new tree […]

  2. Oh I loved this article! I thought it was written by some professional journalist – it reads so easily with warmth and yet is quite informative – You wrote it Graham! I love it – Oh yes, I remember now, you always had a knack for writing! I see it here again – thanks for posting this – Mom

    1. If the only comment that is ever written on this blog is from my mom, I’m quite a happy man. Love ya mom!

  3. […] and beneficial to the growth of a new peach tree. We actually talked about it in a post about Pruning Baby Peach Trees. For reference, here’s the pictures from that post showing the before and after images of […]

  4. […] Painted it […]

  5. […] Composted and mulched around it […]

  6. Very cool entry! Amazing growth so I’m going to copy YOU next spring by fertilizing!! Thanks for the good tip!! I hope you and Dean find amazing fossils while you’re digging up rocks 🙂

    1. Fertilizer … who would have guessed, right? I’m sure if we took classes on this kind of stuff that’s probably “Growing Stuff 101”. Maybe someday we’ll have some clue what we’re doing.

  7. What do you think? Was this a total disaster or is there some spark of “Win” in there for us?

  8. Y’all won but you can put a trankalizer in a gun for a cow tell Dean to call me next time I have a friend that has everything you need because that’s the only way they can load cows

    1. At this point, I think Dean would have shot her with a tranq gun just to make himself feel better!

  9. I think I would have shot her and made her name a reality. That would have been lots of meals!!!

    1. That’s so funny you say that because if you asked Dean today how he would have done it differently, there is definitely a gun and a meat processor involved in his answer.

  10. […] You can add other fertilizer at the same time in the same way. Refer to this post about soil testing to know what you need to apply. […]

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